Mobile application development

In a recent study, mobile connected devices will reach 10 billion (including machine to machine modules) by 2016. In another study, as much as 85% of mobile users use their mobile devices to purchase, get better deals and to know more about a product, service and contact detail of a restaurant, shop, company, brand, basically anything that is available in their mobile devices. It is clear that the future is on mobile technologies.

With the advent of more and more mobile platforms, together with the rising popularity of mobile applications, the challenge to develop software for different operating systems and hardware configurations has become even greater than before. How to deal with different mobile platforms, while still maintaining a desktop presence, and also targeting the web? How to write code; what are the different technical architectures and methods for approaching the different platforms; how to optimize performance?

Whatever your motivation or industry, we can help make the mobile transition easier. As the original developers of a very unique multi-platform development platform, we have accumulated unique expertise and insight in the development of mobile applications.

Job and Esther Technologies is a veteran in mobile application development and deployment. We maintain a large and growing number of applications in various app stores. See our references for details.

Web site / web application development

If mobile is the norm, so is the web. Everybody needs to have a web presence of some kind. We develop, and have developed, different kinds of web sites and web application backends, and have trained other companies in doing so. While our main technology of choice is, due to its high performance and efficient functionality, the Eqela web server (Sympathy), we have also worked extensively on other web application backend technologies, such as PHP, Python, .NET, J2EE and Node.js, all in connection with various database engines such as MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, Oracle, Redis, etc. For further highlights on our past projects, please see our references.

Complete mobile / desktop systems

We know the backend, we know the web and we know mobile. Incidentally, any modern system or service requires all these things. Our Eqela-based approach allows us to easily develop all these things in one go. A single, high capacity backend, running as processor-native code, handles a responsive web site (catering for both desktop and mobile) and the mobile app for all platforms. No more separate projects or parallel development just to make a single system.