Job and Esther Technologies is an international provider of software engineering expertise with heavy emphasis on technical and architectural correctness, high level of code quality and exemplary coding practices, people development, expertise building and knowledge transfer.

Job and Esther Technologies was established in 2009, and has serviced various clients in multiple industries over the years globally. The company has a strong presence particularly in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Services and expertise

The company provides a wide array of customer-facing services including trainings, software development services and consulting, and generally works directly with customers and partners to assist in various software engineering-related requirements. At the same time, the company also places heavy emphasis on internal R&D and product development, including production of original software products, solutions and technologies that it markets to a worldwide audience in various industries. The company has particularly unique special expertise and insight in the development of interoperable software applications on multiple application platforms, technologies and operating systems, including migration and modernization of older applications to run on modern platforms.

Things we value

Purpose. At Job and Esther Technologies, we aim to be honest, hardworking, and respectable in everything we do. We also do not wish to exist only for the purpose of financial gain, but in the course of doing business, we also hope to be able to help people, make a difference in the lives of other people, and to assist humankind in general.

People. Our objective is to be a company composed of dedicated, talented and hardworking individuals who operate with only the highest professional standards, demonstrating excellence, integrity, deep respect for one another, high technical competence and creativity in our daily work. We place great importance on the wholesome development of the people that have been entrusted to our care, and we hope to provide a working environment where each person constantly learns, grows and develops both their skills as well as their character.

Mutual benefit. We wish to conduct our business in a manner that aims for mutual benefit and the well-being and success of those that we deal with. It is therefore our simple directive to always aim to treat our customers, partners and suppliers in a manner in which we ourselves would like to be treated.

Excellence and dedication. We also believe that we are called not just to work and generate business, but also to work in order to achieve excellence in everything that we do, with dedication and relentless commitment to doing everything we do as well as we possibly can, out of thankfulness for the gifts, abilities and other blessings we have received. Fundamentally we expect that working in this manner will ultimately result in better products, better service, healthy relationships and better business outcome for all parties concerned.

Improvement. Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Computers are everywhere around us, integrating themselves into our world, life and culture. We hope that by improving and innovating in our field of technology, we can also impact culture, and improve the world through technology products that have profound effects on our lives. Thus we place great importance on providing solutions that are optimized, targeted and well planned to fit their requirement. Through this, we also hope to contribute to green technology that leads to lower power usage, energy savings, cleaner environment and a safer world.