J&E has worked with numerous companies, organizations and individuals over the past decade, has established partnerships with companies around the world and has delivered projects and assisted its clients and partners in many different ways, including software development, management, consulting, training, personnel development, expertise building, and many others.

See below a listing of some of the notable companies that we work with or have worked with.

Clients and Partners

Customer Projects

To get an idea of the kinds of projects we get involved in, below you will find some brief descriptions of some of the recent engagements that we have been involved in.

Technology upgrade of financial systems and development team. A multinational customer organization providing software solutions for the financial industry, with development offices in multiple countries around the world, partnered with J&E on a multi-year project to enhance or migrate their software solution and development efforts from the IBM RPG platform to a more modern Java-based environment. In addition to technology and consulting engagements, both Eqela and Emerge services were involved, also in the transformation of the development team and upgrading the skillsets of the existing developers of the client. (Java, Java Enterprise Edition, J2EE, RPG)

Modernization and upgrade of educational information systems. One of the premier educational institutions in the Philippines, with multiple branches all around the country of more than 100 million people, governing a combined total of tens of thousands of students, was seeking to upgrade their information systems and to enhance their digital services to students and other stakeholders. As part of the project, Eqela technology was used to re-implement and upgrade existing systems, previously developed with Visual Basic 6, to Windows 10, the latest Microsoft SQL Server and the Universal Windows Platform. (Windows 10, UWP, C#, Visual Basic 6, MS SQL)

Scaling and upgrade of a workforce management solution. A fast-growing enterprise service company in Asia, servicing multiple large multinational consumer goods companies, was seeking to significantly enhance the capacity of their technical solution to be able to support the growth of thousands of employees in their customer companies. Job and Esther Technologies was engaged to employ Eqela technologies to re-architect and transform the technical implementation of the solution, previously implemented in PHP on AWS and supporting only Android, to become a multi-platform mobile solution for Windows, iOS and Android, running on Microsoft Azure and the .NET platform, and being able to scale to hundreds of thousands of users with support for geographical diversity and dynamic customization options for each customer. (C#, .NET, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, AWS, Azure)

Corporate Web Banking Modernization. A major banking institution in the Philippines was planning for a technology upgrade to their corporate web banking system and infrastructure. As part of the project, assessments and analysis of the existing system were conducted, meetings and consultations took place, and plans and reports were drafted and delivered. (Visual Basic, .NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript)

Social platform for mobile users with groups and chat. Development of a new kind of social platform where individuals can connect to each other, form groups and interact via chat, event postings and other kinds of messaging. The system is particularly designed for HR departments of companies for employee welfare, and is built to be integrated with reward systems for added employee motivation. Work involved notable fixing and restructuring of pre-existing code, migration to a more scalable architecture, moving from AWS to Google Cloud, designing and implementing backend APIs and separate backend services implementing different components and parts of the system, and guiding the customer in decision making and development of the overall concept. (.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, Android, iOS, Python, Django, AWS, Google)

A secure network solution for a mobile healthcare application. In partnership with an american customer, designed and developed a highly secure network connection mechanism that enables mobile Android devices to act as network servers for the purposes of connecting patients with a central healthcare system server, and allowing authorized service providers to securely connect to the health data stored in the device of the end user. Developed a port knocking mechanism that dynamically opens firewall ports based on knocking sequences received over secret combinations of UDP ports, and authenticates incoming communication packets using steganography techniques. (Linux, iptables, C, C++, Android, Java, Nginx, PCAP API)

Offline embedded mapping system and route finding for cars. The company was contracted to develop a customized offline mapping solution that could be used on existing cars of a particular brand already in the market, using their pre-existing in-car entertainment units and screens. The user interface was developed using web technologies, mainly JavaScript and OpenLayers. The map tiles were pre-rendered in large quantities using custom rendering scripts from OpenStreetMap data using PostgreSQL and PostGIS. (C, C++, Linux, JavaScript, OpenLayers, PostgreSQL, PostGIS)

Open Source Software

As a high tech software company, J&E also actively participates in the community, and continuously engages in the development and enhancement of free and open source software. Below listed are some of our projects, which will also give you a good idea on how we develop our own code.

Jkop: A universal software development framework. Jkop is a multi-platform, multi-language application development framework and API, intended to support the development of different kinds of applications on multiple programming languages and operating systems. Originally developed in the Sling programming language, the code is translated to different programming languages to support the different platforms. Currently Jkop fully supports development in Sling, Java, C#, Objective-C and JavaScript, and is actively tested on Android, iOS, macOS / Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and the web. Support for C++ is also substantial but not as comprehensive. Project home page

Sympathy Web Services. The Sympathy project provides server-sidew applications that can be used to implement and provide web-based services on the Internet. Sympathy is fully implemented in the Sling programming language, and is intended to primarily be executed using the .NET platform (either with Mono or Microsoft .NET). Project home page