We help our clients and partners with multiple aspects of their overall software development and IT system management processes. This particularly and frequently involves eg. software and application development, technology planning, technical architecture and infrastructure, quality management, information security, expertise development, and technical operations. We also do security audits, system audits, architectural assessments and code reviews, either as a one time service, or on an ongoing basis. We can also support an existing development project by conducting ongoing code reviews, and/or by otherwise monitoring and ensuring the correct technical direction of the project. Our main thrust is in working with software and systems particularly from the perspective of technical correctness, code quality, and secure implementations. We are known to be very pedantic and strict when it comes to code quality, formatting, structure and correctness.

Service Portfolio

Code review

System audit and assessment

Application modernization

Project monitoring

Application development

Consulting services

Testing and quality assurance

DevOps, support and maintenance